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Roller Bed Belt Conveyor Model M-105

Robust and versatile conveyors

Model 105 - Roller Bed Belt Conveyor

When the application requires the use of rollers to reduce the friction factor, consider using the Model 105 Roller Bed Belt Conveyor. The roller bed design allows you to carry heavier loads than a design. standard zipper. The Model 105 Roller Bed Belt Conveyor is offered with a 4 “or 8” diameter crown-faced rubber drive pulley depending on load requirements. Model 105 roller belt conveyors use 4 “diameter pulleys (offset drive), 1.9” diameter x 16 gauge rollers with a 7/16 “hexagonal axle. Model 105 conveyors are designed for be compatible with other conveyors to allow you flexibility when designing your handling system.

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