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troughed Belt Conveyors

Economical for light and medium duty

Models 114 and 118 – These two competitively priced models are ideal choices for light to medium duty applications. Both are designed to contain the material in the center of the belt. The Model 114, with a 4 inch drive pulley and a 4 inch tail, is the ideal choice for handling light bulk materials. The Model 118, with an 8 inch drive pulley and a 4 inch tail, is the ideal solution for moving medium duty bulk items.

A sturdy and durable articulated steel belt conveyor

Robust, large volume

The troughed belt conveyor is designed to move product quickly from one operation to another,  in the center of the belt , without degradation of the product. It can handle a wide variety of materials, from loose powders and parts to lumpy abrasive materials.

Standard construction is painted steel. For food handling, stainless steel frames and white belts are available to meet FDA requirements. Selection of belt widths, angles, straight section lengths and many sidewall heights, cleat heights and cleat centers available.

Features of Belt troughed Conveyor

Model 114 – Trough Belt Conveyors
4 inches à 48 inches
Slider Bed
4 inches dia
4 inches steel 12ga
Model 118 – T0hrough Belt Conveyorr
6 inches to 72 inches
Slider Bed
8 inches dia
4 inches steel 12ga
Model 340 – Corrugated Belt Conveyor
Per Application
Corrugarted Belt
Per Application
Formed steel 12 ga
Model 460 -Truff Belt Conveyor
Per Application
Angle Rollers
14 inches dia
Structural Steel 6 pouce

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