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For robust and versatile conveyors

With nearly 20 years of experience and trusted partners such as Titan Conveyors, Convoyeurs LM works in the industry to solve your manufacturing, assembly, packaging and handling problems. Our custom designed conveyors and conveyor systems have helped our customers save time, reduce production costs, and deliver products to their customers more efficiently.

A tailor-made conveyor

We have experience and expertise in all of the most demanding applications and industries in Canada. At Convoyeurs LM, we answer all your questions, such as: “Do you think you could build a conveyor system like this?”, “How can we optimize our production line?”

Convoyeurs LM and its partners have designed and built specialized conveyor systems for a variety of applications.

Call us to discuss your project, your assembly line or production so that we can build you the right conveyor system for your needs!

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