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Cleated plastic belt conveyors

Robust and versatile conveyors

incline plastic belt conveyor

Plastic belt conveyors
Our engineering capabilities allow us to design a plastic belt conveyor that will meet your needs. Most of our complete line of conveyors can be adapted to plastic belts with many types of plastic belts available to meet your specific needs. Plastic belts can vary from light: meat processing, bakery, small parts; heavy loads: pallet handling, automotive parts, scrap metal handling, recycling.

Cleated Plastic Belt Conveyors
We offer you a variety of belt widths from 4 “to 60” in a variety of belt types with a cleat height ranging from 1 “to 3” depending on your needs. Most of Titan’s full line of conveyors can be adapted to plastic belts according to your needs.

Specifications: Model 304 – cleated belt conveyors
Belt : Modular Polypropylene or Acetal
Motor : 1/2 hp 320/460/3/60
Frame : Steel 12ga
Paint : one coat of ename finishl
Speed : as required
Option : Stainless steel construction, drive location, side rails, variable speeds
Support : Type H en Acier

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