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Robust and versatile conveyors


The Motorized Roller Conveyor is a modular conveyor system using a 24 volt DC motor drive in a roller. The adjacent rollers are driven one after the other. Loads up to 3,900 lbs can be moved with these clean and efficient motorized roller systems.

The intelligent Modular MDR 24V conveyors are controlled by zone. These zero pressure accumulation conveyors are autonomous and do not require any control. On-demand transport reduces consumption energy. Individual training zones operate according to the state of adjacent zones. Thus each 24V motorized MDR rollers drives a series of rollers via round belts or a POLY-VEE belt.

The intelligent conveyors are extremely quiet 65dB (A) ideal for those sensitive to surrounding noise.

The 24v MDR deflectors, deflect the transported product by maintaining the orientation of the product in the direction of travel by means of pivoting rollers.

Lifting and transferring product from a straight 90 degree angle conveyor section to a second or third position is possible with the 24v MDR pop-up transfers, they are available without a pneumatic connection.

Specification : Model MDR – MODEL MDR CHAIN TO CHAIN
Chain :#40 or #50
Motor : Roller Driven Itoh Denki 24 Volt DC
Frame: Steel 7ga
Paint : a coat of enamel finish
Speed : As required
Rollers : 2-1/2″ dia.11ga. or 2-5/8″ dia. X 7 ga. or 1.9″ dia. X 16 ga./Spring Loaded 7/16″ Hex Shaft
Support : Acier Structural

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