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Cleated belt conveyor model 304

Robust and versatile conveyors

cleated incline belt conveyors

The Part Conveyor, Model 304, is designed to handle many types of products. Model 304 allows you to transport and lift product from one machine to another. The Model 304 has several choices of belt widths with standard units up to twelve feet long. The standard frame design includes 3-1 / 2 “high side rails and a closed bottom pan for belt return. The adjustable undercarriage allows a variety of adjustments, both to feed and to Unloading Options such as feed hopper and adjustable fixed brackets add to the flexibility of this unit.The available adjustable undercarriage features eight inch diameter steel wheels for easy handling on rough surfaces.

Specification : Model 304 – Cleated Incline Belt Conveyor
Bearing :Grease Sealed
Motor : 1/2 hp 320/460/3/60
Frame : 6-1/2″ Deep Formed 12 Gauge
Paint : One Coat Industrial Enamel
Speed : 60 PPM
Belt:2 Ply Black Neoprene With 1-1/2″ High Cleats on 12″ Centers
Support : Structural Steel Or Type H Steel

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