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Chain Driven Live Roller Conveyor Model 519

Des convoyeurs robustes et polyvalents

chain driven live roller Model 519

The Model 519 Chain Drive Roller Conveyor is designed to handle medium loads such as boxes, light pallets and drums. Unit includes # 40 chain with stronger DE roll-to-roll drive. The frame is made of formed 10ga gauge. The standard drive is 1/2 H.P. for a speed of 60 F.P.M. rollers. A wide range of standard widths are available. Standard roller spacings are 4 ”, 6”, 8 ”and 12”. Standard floor supports provided are adjustable to approximately 30 inches from the top of the roll. The Model 519 has a minimum length of 4 ‘and can be ordered in lengths to meet individual requirements.

Pop-up transfers, stops, pallet centering, pallet elevators, pallet footprints and product rotation units are designed to be integrated into CDLR roller conveyor systems.

Specification: Model 519– Chain Driven Live Roller Conveyors
Bearing : Grease Sealed
Motor : 3/1 hp 320/460/3/60
Frame : Steel 7ga
Paint : a coat of enamel finish
Speed : 5-50 PPM
Sprocket : 6 Tooth 12’’ PD
Support : Steel H Type

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