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Static Pallet Racking

With nearly 20 years of experience in the industrial field, Convoyeurs LM is able to provide the solution that will meet your pallet storage demands. Our experts are there to help you achieve your projects.

Static Pallet Rack ( PALlet rack)

Static pallet racks is a system where the pallets remain stationary in the racks.

Single deep racks make it very easy to access the stored inventory since it is directly accessible from an aisle. This type of rack is the simple solution for warehousing and they are made to suit your needs, whether standard sizes or custom we can help you. We will assess the need according to your capabilities.

Double deep storage racks consist of adding a second row of single pallets, this significantly increases the possible storage. It offers the same advantages as the single depth system. Access to the pallets positioned at the rear is made by the forklift which is “double reach”.

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