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Our client, Portes Lemieux, a Masonite Doors division

We installed various conveyors at Portes Lemieux, a division of Masonite Doors. The latter is a North American company with nearly 100 years of experience in door design, construction, and distribution. Thanks to their expertise, it works in the residential and non-residential sector.

As when reading their report, 2022 Environmental, Social & Governance Report, the quality of their service and innovations are the reasons for their importance in the field. Convoyeurs LM was proudly able to help them achieve their objectives of improving handling thanks to conveyors.

  • Increase safety elements in the warehouse to reduce the risk of accidents,
  • Provide door transport tools to reduce the number of defective products.

The choice of conveyors

For our client, two types of conveyors were chosen to meet the objectives: chain-motorized roller conveyors and gravity roller conveyors.

Chain Driven Live Roller Conveyors

Chain driven live roller conveyors (CDLR) were installed for several reasons:

  • The type of product: CDLRs are perfect for heavy products and smooth bottoms such as door piles,
  • Flexibility: Different sections are available for simplified handling and the possibility of adding manual or automated sections,
  • Speed: The speed can be controlled according to customer needs, thus guaranteeing efficient and secure handling.

Custom Solution: From CDLR to Gravity

In their production line, they needed a solution to transport doors in need of repair. With our partners, we added a section equipped with a gravity roller conveyor equipped with a retractable motor in the straight line of the CDLR. This custom conveyor section was installed for the following reasons:

  • Flexibility: Gravity conveyors can be configured to meet specific business needs. In this project we installed a system allowing use with the CDLR conveyor and gravity use when the section comes off the line,
  • Safety: This gravity section allows employees to safely move doors in need of repair to a different section of the warehouse without having to lift them.

In short, with our various partners, we have created a tailor-made conveyor solution to offer speed and security in their warehouse.

Security around the Conveyors

Conveyor safety features are important because the risk of injury is present. In this project we installed safety guards around the long sections where the doors were moving to reduce the risk of injury caused by accidental contact with moving elements.

Safety light curtains have also been added near the conveyors to provide protection to prevent employees from getting too close to moving conveyors.

In short, the project at Portes Lemieux (Masonite Doors) was a concrete example of the partnership that Convoyeurs LM creates with its customers so that they can achieve their objectives. If you also want to achieve your handling objectives, contact our team at 450-833-6060.

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