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Our Client, Défi Récup-Air

Our client, Défi Récup-Air, was sent to us by the engineering firm, Solutions Novika, which supports its partners in their technological development to make them more competitive.

Défi Récup-Air diverts hundreds of tons of small household appliances and refrigerating devices from landfills to recycle them appropriately. They needed conveyors that could help them optimize the sorting of refrigerators for recycling.

Convoyeurs LM has designed a tailor-made conveyor for their optimization needs for sorting refrigerator parts intended for recycling.

The Choice of Conveyors

To assist Défi Récup-Air in sorting parts intended for recycling, Convoyeurs LM has set up a line of conveyors on three floors. The first floor, at the top, is dedicated to small parts in cabarets, the second floor is reserved for metal parts, and the third floor is dedicated to transformers. This solution is effective in optimizing space in a warehouse.

Two types of conveyors were installed due to the completely different nature of the parts to be moved. A conveyor equipped with a plastic belt was chosen for the first floor, while steel belt conveyors (HSB) were installed for the lower two floors.

Plastic Belt Conveyors

Choosing a conveyor with a plastic belt for the top floor was the ideal choice, because it must transport small parts and bins.

Hinged Steel Belt Conveyors

For the lower floors, steel belt conveyors were installed, because Défi Récup-Air needs to move the heavy parts of the refrigerator, the metal parts, and the transformers. Since these are large, irregular, and heavy pieces, these sections had to be robust and solid.

Although the recycling service for metal parts or household appliances, Défi Récup-Air needed a conveyor to facilitate the sorting of parts to be recycled for one of their divisions. Convoyeurs LM was there to help them achieve their goals. If you also need conveyors for sorting materials for recycling, call us at 450-833-6060.

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