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Wire Mesh part incline conveyor

Robust and versatile conveyors

Model 305 - WIRE Mesh Incline Part Conveyor

When a conventional cleat belt conveyor does not handle certain applications, you should consider the Model 305 Wire Mesh Part Conveyor. Heavy-duty construction, a standard 1/2 “x 1” galvanized flat wire mesh belt , a sturdy 1-3 / 16 “diameter drive shaft and grease sealed bearings make this unit ideal for handling parts that need to be heat treated, washed, dried or soaked. Standard frame design includes 3-1 / 2 “high gates and a completely closed bottom bin. Adjustable “H” type brackets come standard with an optional portable undercarriage. There are many varieties of wire mesh belts available for different types of applications. Contact us for more details.

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