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Slider Bed Belt Conveyors Model 104

Robust and versatile conveyors

Model 104 - Slider Bed Belt Conveyor

The Model 104 Belt Conveyor is designed with the systems approach in mind. The standard 4 “deep formed frame allows you to combine this unit with other models to ensure a continuous flow of material. This is our most popular sliding bed conveyor and is suitable for most applications requiring a conveyor. Base belt to move material from point A to point B. Screw tensioners and 4 “diameter crown pulleys are some of the standard design features. The modular design allows you to add additional sections as needed. As with all conveyors, there is an endless list of options to customize your conveyor.

Specification: Model 104 – Slider Bed Belt Conveyor
Bearing : Grease Sealed
Motor : 1/2 hp 320/460/3/60
Frame : 4″ deep Steel 12ga
Paint : a coat of enamel finish
Speed : As required
Belt Width: 4″ to 48″
Support :“H” Type Adjustable

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