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Motor Driven Roller 24v MDR O-RING

Robust and versatile conveyors

Model MDR 24V o-rING

24v motorized roller MRD conveyors are used to transport a wide variety of light to heavy products. Corrugated cardboard shipping crates are examples.

24v accumulation conveyors meet today’s global demand for modular technologies.

The intelligent MDR 24V conveyors are controlled by accumulation zone. They are autonomous, requiring no command. Each 24V motorized roller drives a series of rollers via round belts or PolyVee drive belts,

Smart conveyors are extremely quiet 65dB, ideal for a quieter environment.

Operational benefits

Flexible – integrated variable speed
Real accumulation without pressure
Low energy consumption
Plug and Play controls
No clunky engine and gearbox

Benefits of the operator

Low noise improves the working environment
Low torque – improved safety
No sprocket reduces pinch points
Reversible – dynamic braking

Benefits of maintenance

Few spare parts
Relatively maintenance free
Low cost repair parts
Short repair times
Most repairs can be done by one person

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