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Model M696 Slat Conveyors

Robust and versatile conveyors

Model 696 - Slat Conveyors

When your material handling needs demand a unique solution, the Model 696 Slat Conveyors should be considered. Standard construction (a 7 gauge chassis) is extremely tough to exceed the most demanding requirements for industrial use. Units can be supplied with a heavy duty 4 “or 6” wide slatted conveyor chain. The slats are standard 7 gauge design, but can also be supplied in other designs such as V shaped. The Model 696 comes with overload protection and structural cross members as standard equipment. Slat conveyors can be used for transport, accumulation, assembly, side loading and unloading and frequent stop / start applications. We can modify the standard unit or design a custom unit to meet your needs.

Specification : Model 696 – Slat Conveyors
Bearing : Industriel Relube
Motor : H.P. as per required
Frame : Formed 7 Gauge
Slats : Formed 7 Gauge
Speed: 5-50 PPM
Sprocket : 6 Tooth, 12″ P.D.
Chain : Heavy-Duty 6″ Pitch

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